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Location: Gore Field and more, 123 Gore St, Cambridge, MA 02141, United States
Age: 4+
Time: Saturdays Fall & Spring
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Sen: It's a well-run organization with great leadership. My son enjoyed his practices and games. I'm not sure he got any better, but he got a good workout and had fun with this friends. I would definitely consider signing him up for Spring.

Changgang: Michael has been playing with Premier League of CYS for 2 seasons now. He's been having fun and growing at his own pace. The team coaches are parent volunteers and they are great with kids. The last season, however, was a little difficult, because our team did not have a volunteer coach. It worked out in the end with several parents became more involved.

Kathryn: Relaxed, inclusive, supportive environment. The goal is to love the game.

Christina: ambridge Youth Soccer is a nonprofit organization that runs several different levels of soccer for children. Children ages 4-5 can attend "Kickstart" at Gore field in East Cambridge. Kickstart has two sessions, one at 9:00-10:30am and one at 10:30am-12:00pm on Saturday mornings, and children can join either session - there are no assigned teams or sessions at this level. These sessions begin with "red light/greenlight", a game-based activity that helps the children learn about dribbling the ball. Children are then divided into age groups and further divided into groups to play a 4 on 4 game of soccer, led by high school students who serve as coaches for these smaller groups. There is a school of thought that children this young should not focus on drills, but instead just learn about the game through playing soccer. Kickstart definitely follows this "experiential" method. The main coach, Coach Andy, is a warm enthusiastic coach who gathers all the children together at the end of practice to lead a team cheer of "soccer rocks!" We found Kickstart to be fun and a great way to get our son into the game. Children ages 6-8 can play in the Cambridge Youth Soccer (CYS) league, which is divided into boys and girls leagues. I believe the girls' league meets at Sennot park (but I have not participated in that league). The boys league meets at Russell field in West Cambridge, and is overseen by coach Haitham, who is friendly and supportive of parents and children in the league. People sign their children up online. The fees are very reasonable. After parents sign their children up for the CYS program, children are assigned to color teams (like, red, orange, green, blue), with about 10 children per team. Again, they hold two sessions for practice on Saturday mornings, but this time, each color is scheduled for either the 9:00am -10:30am or 10:30am-12:00pm session each Saturday, so each teams' schedule varies. At this level, parents serve as volunteer coaches for teams. Parents should be ready to step up and be one of the co-coaches for the season. Parents may also be asked to help with the practices and games even if they are not a coach. Parents should also be ready to help if their child is having a tough day and needs to take a break from playing so the coaches can focus on the game. The practices begin with skill building and then each week one color team is assigned to play another team. The children play "four on four" without a goalie, which is recommended for this age. This works well - my husband has been a coach and he enjoys it! We have found both Kickstart and CYS to be great soccer for our soccer-loving child. I would recommend these two leagues to any people who are seeking a good soccer experience for their young children.

tina: my son started with Kickstart soccer at 3 or 4 (whenever they allow) and then did Premier League and is now in Champions. All parent run, this is a great way for cambridge kids to get to know each other. My son loves loves loves soccer because of this program.

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