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Best Kids' language Classes near Cambridge  - according to Parents like You

ClassAgeSample costDistance
Cambridge Chinese Cultural Center - Afterschool
Cambridge Ringe and Latin School
Elementary - High Level$245.00/month1 mile
Rola Scholars French and Spanish
G1-G5$225 /13 classes2 mile
French Cultural Center
1+$415 - $4082 mile
German Saturday School Boston
4+$1340**, PS/KG, $940/sibling2 mile
Kwong Kow Chinese School
5+-2 mile
Huaxin Chinese School
3+$370-$4406 mile
Yak Academy
1+-4 mile
Lexington Chinese School
Belmont High School
3+-4 mile
Cambridge Chinese Cultural Center - Weekend
4 1/2 +-5 mile
Newton Chinese Language School
F.A. Day Middle School
4+$2756 mile
ABC Spanish in motion
preschool +-6 mile

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