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Best Kids' martial arts Classes near Cambridge  - according to Parents like You

ClassAgeSample costDistance
CW Taekwondo
4+< 1 mile
Kempo Karate at the War Memorial
War Memorial Rec Center
3-14$1701 mile
Jae Hun Kim Taekwondo
1 mile
Kids Martial Arts Program
Boston Martial Arts Center
6-11$59.992 mile
Jae H. Kim Taekwon-do, Cambridge
3+-2 mile
Davis Square Martial Arts
5-13$36.00 Members $52.00 Non Members2 mile
Ultimate Self Defense & Performance Center
3+$793 mile
Modern Taekwondo Center
4-71 class/week (Tigers Only)$ 792 class/week$ 1396 mile
4.5+$286/12 weeks6 mile
Masters of Karate
6 mile
Giroux Brothers Martial Arts
3+6 mile
Jae Hun Kim Taekwondo School
5+7 mile

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