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Best Kids' soccer Classes near Cambridge  - according to Parents like You

ClassAgeSample costDistance
Cambridge Youth Soccer
Gore Field and more
4+1 mile
Super Soccer Stars
3+$20+2 mile
Somerville Youth Soccer
GK-9$45-$1001 mile
Somerville YMCA Indoor Soccer
5 – 8$30-$402 mile
Brookline Soccer Club
Cypress Field (Brookline High School)
-2 mile
Viking Camps: Co-ed Soccer
Viking Activity Center
Ages 3-8Starting $623 mile
Soccer Fun
4-7$85-$1052 mile
YMCA Soccer
West Suburban YMCA
4-75 mile
Newton Girls Soccer
Bowen Field
kindergarten and up5 mile
Newton Youth Soccer
grade 1+5 mile
Newton Kindergarten Soccer
Richardson Field
kindergarten and pre-K$706 mile
2.5-67 mile
Garden City
Burr School
kindergarten and pre-K mile
Crimson Soccer School
Harvard University
Girls aged 6-14Cost: $325 before May 1, $345 after May 1
Proformance Soccer Academy
3-13$205 per session
CAC Youth Soccer
4-12$150/6 weeks
Soccer Shots

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