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Best Kids' Classes near Somerville  - according to Parents like You

ClassAgeSample costDistance
Bicycle Riding School
All Ages $40 - $60 per session< 1 mile
Davis Square Martial Arts
5-13$36.00 Members $52.00 Non Members< 1 mile
Muckykids Art Studio
3 to 7$185-$1951 mile
Deborah Mason School of Dance
3+$650/yr - $2275yr1 mile
Jae H. Kim Taekwon-do, Cambridge
3+-1 mile
Esh Circus Arts
2.5+$2002 mile
Beyond the 4th Wall Expression Theatre
2 mile
Kennedy Pool
6 months+$70 for 6-week session< 1 mile
Jose Mateo Ballet Theater
3+$693 - $5,7152 mile
Parts & Crafts Arts for Kids
-$9,7001 mile
Rola Scholars French and Spanish
G1-G5$225 /13 classes1 mile
Gymnastic Academy of Boston
Gymnastic Academy of Boston
5-8$5 Members$15 Non-Members1 mile
Kempo Karate at the War Memorial
War Memorial Rec Center
3-14$1702 mile
Cambridge Pop Warner Football & Cheerleading
Russell Field
--1 mile
Cambridge Youth Flag Football
grades 1-8 (coed)-1 mile
School Vacation Camp
1-13$115 per day1 mile
Maud Morgan Arts Spring Programs
Maud Morgan Arts
5-13$350 per program 1 mile
YMCA Swimming Classes
6 months+2 mile
War Memorial Pool
18 months+2 mile
MLK DHSP After-School
4.5+2 mile
Break Dance Classes
Youth Break Dance Classes
2+$75/term (6 classes)3 mile
The Dance Complex
3+ for Ballet | 1.5+ for Duncan3 mile
School of Classical Ballet
3+$355/semester3 mile
Groovy Baby Music
Center for the Arts in the Armory
(Newborn-Age 4) (Full)$2801 mile
YMCA Youth Basketball
5+$75/10 weeks2 mile
CW Taekwondo
4+3 mile
6 weeks+$96 every 4 weeks3 mile
Baseball 108
Tobin School
6+$3001 mile
Arlington Dance Place
1 mile
Brooklyn Boulders
Brooklyn Boulders Somerville
5-12SINGLE afterschool $39, whole day $1092 mile

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