Tuesday 3/20, 7pm - 9pm, CRLS Fitzgerald Theater

Free public performance of the CRLS (our high school) entry into the Massachusetts Educational Theatre Guild Festival.

From Craig Kelly of City Council: "Hope and I saw it this past Saturday and, not to give anything away, it is a fabulous, creative show in every aspect from the staging to the plot to the characters. If there is any chance of making it, you won’t be disappointed if you do so... The talent, enthusiasm, creativity and shared joy that all these kids display is fabulous to watch."

The Light She Gave is an original play created by the cast all of whom were members of the fall Play Creation class. This group of students started with a question (“What is truth? And how do you know it to be true?) in September and worked with passion, commitment, patience, and a collaborative spirit to create a beautiful piece of theatre they are eager to share with you. The story follows three female characters, all in various stages of their lives, who on a single day must overcome an obstacle significant to their future.

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