Last Weekend: Cambridge Science Festival (Including Dance on Biome)

Friday 4/13/18, 10am - 4/22/18, 10am, Cambridge

Join the 10-day (and night!) celebration of 200+ events that makes science accessible, engaging and fun for everyone in Cambridge, greater Boston and beyond.

Cambridge Science Festival and EMW Street Bio Present: In/Out/Under/Transform:

Celebrate the marvels of the microbiome as we follow bacteria through the human body and outside, featuring local startups and a community lab that are discovering novel ways in which the microbiome can make an impact on society. We will have a fun skit with a dancing component that allows for one-on-one discussions with the organizations and demonstrations of the research followed by an interactive breakout session that will explore how this research can better serve local and global communities.

Sunday, 1pm - 4pm, The Dance Complex, Studio #7, Cambridge

Posted by Dee T.  

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