National Day of Action: Liberate ALL Families

Saturday 6/30, 11am - 2pm, Boston City Hall Plaza

Across the border and here in Massachusetts, immigrant workers are being targeted by ICE and the police, exploited at their jobs, and separated from their children and loved ones.

At the border, children are being separated from their parents and their own brothers and sisters while corporations and private prisons and jails are profiting off of detention and deportation.

So what is Massachusetts doing to protect immigrant families? The state Senate passed a budget amendment with 4 basic protections, to stop police from helping detain immigrants (287g program) and to protect civil rights and due process. But the House is doing NOTHING, and Governor Baker has threatened to veto the Senate measure.

We need to be loud and clear. Join immigrant workers from across the state as we say NO to detention, No to deportation and No to separating families at the border and here in Massachusetts!

Posted by Dee T.  

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