John Wall Author of Children's Rights: Today's Global Challenge

Monday 9/24, 6:30pm - 8:30pm , Cambridge Public Library

Recommended by MLK Mom Robin: "As the lecture is on the eve of National Voter Registration Day, I'm most interested in hearing Professor Wall talk about the chapter of his book concerning children's voting rights. His preferred proposal is for 'proxy-claim' voting: parents are encouraged to vote on behalf of dependents from birth until minors demonstrate competence by registering directly. I'd like our community to feel inspired to consider that. Imagine the boost for our civic culture if bringing kids to the voting booth were as normal as bringing them to well-child doctor visits!"

Professor Wall has written several books on the rights of children, including Children's Rights: Today's Global Challenge, in which he addresses some important questions posed by the concept of the rights of children.

John Wall is professor of religion, philosophy, and childhood studies at Rutgers University. He helped to start the first North American doctoral studies program in childhood studies, chaired the Childhood Studies and Religion Group at the American Academy of Religion, and serves on the boards of the Journal of Childhood and Religion and International Journal of Children's Rights.

This event is part of the Our Path Forward Series presented by the Cambridge Public Library to affirm its commitment to public discourse and democracy.

This event is in the Lecture Hall at the Main Library. No registration required.

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