Celebrate World Lion Day

Saturday 8/05/17, 10am - 3pm, Franklin Park Zoo

Take pride in your ROAR and let it be heard in honor of World Lion Day. Visit the Kalahari Kingdom to see lion brothers, Dinari and Kamaia and get to know more about them as you ask questions directly to staff during zookeeper chats. Unleash you inner big cat with lion-themed crafts and activities and learn more about these majestic animals and why conservation efforts on their behalf are so important.

11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m., Lion Exhibit:
Join Big Joe the Storyteller for some roaringly-good lion tales!

Stonyfield will be there with free samples of delicious, organic YoKids yogurt!

A lion's share of fun:

- Learn more about African lions.

- Zoodopts support the care and feeding of our animals, and with each purchase, we'll bring a little of the Zoo to you! Zoodopt a lion.

- Come dressed for the occasion in your own lion mask.

- Print your own ZooU Dinari bookmark.

- Lion connect-the-dots

- Lion coloring page

Posted by Dee T.  

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