Family Day: Infinite Present Revelations from Islamic Design in Contemporary Art

Saturday 10/20/18, 10am - 12pm, Gallery 344

Make a clay mosaic and take a guided tour of the exhibition. Tours of the exhibition paired with an art activity that explores patterns and calligraphy.

The exhibition, curated by Marie Costello, is a presentation and celebration of some of the cutting-edge artists of today that use the Islamic motifs of geometry and calligraphy in their art. The artists are international in scope, and many are global as they live in multiple countries and cultures. The work explores traditional and non-traditional meanings of these motifs and ultimately reveals the resiliency of these forms and their ability to communicate universally. Cambridge Arts’ Gallery 344 is a particularly apt setting for visitors to explore these artists and their enlightened visions to create bridges across cultures.

Posted by Dee T.  

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