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MLKing School Field Day! - CANCELLED due to heavy rain :(   Copy this

Tuesday 6/11/19, 8:05AM - 12:00PM, Hoyt Field

Thanks so much to everyone who volunteered. We are sad to say that Field day 2019 has been CANCELLED due to forecasts of heavy rain :(
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Field Day is a morning of outdoor activities - see below for details on the activities. This super-fun event occurs in Hoyt field near the school, and we need as many parent volunteers as we can get. It is a very fun event at which to volunteer - please sign up to volunteer below and indicate the hour you can come and when you need to leave. (You don't have to volunteer for the entire time.) We also need people who can help make bubble solution and fill water balloons the day before and day of the event.

Field Day activities include jumping rope; playing with a parachute; three-legged race; hula-hooping; sprint race; balance a tennis ball on a racquet race; bean bag toss; shoe fling (take of shoe, put it on your toe, then fling as far as you can - all kids are kept safely out of the way) and the favorites: bubbles and the water balloon toss... Bubble solution and water balloons are purchased by MLK Friends.

Posted by Christina L.  

11 More Volunteers Needed

Who Volunteered
  • Christina (host)
  • Christina Thompson Lively: | |
  • Drew: 7 am | When over | Can help with water ballons
  • Matt Yost: 8:05 | I should be able to stay through the end. | Yes
  • Christine Pilcavage: 8am | 10:45am | Maybe
  • Helen Jenkins: 8.15 | 12 | Not day before but morning if post 8.15
  • Eric Leslie: 8am | 1pm | I can help starting at 8am
  • Genevieve Daftary: 845 | 11:15 | If fits in this time frame the day of!
  • David DeWitt: 8 am | 11 am | Morning of
  • Leila Hashimi Malone: 8:05 | 12 | Morning of field day
  • Melinda Caraballo: As early as you need | Whenever we’re done | The morning of sure
  • Deana Speakman: 11 am | 2pm | Yes. I can the day before until between 9 & 5
  • Michael Smith: 8AM | 12PM | No
  • Christyn MacDougall: 8:30 am | Whenever we're done | The morning of.
  • Tien-Yi: morning | can stay til the end. |
  • Dirsia: 9:40 | To the end | Bubble and balloons
  • katie giraldi: 8:30 | 12:00 | Sorry, I can't
  • Melody Komyerov: morning | will try to stay til end, may need to leave at 10 | morning of
  • Christine Pilcavage: 10am (new updated availability) | 2/2:30pm | Please let me know what time the day before; I might be able to help
  • Maria: 8 AM | 1:00 PM | Yes!
  • Volunteer Signup


    Only shown to the event organizers, so they can reach you.


    Only shown to the event organizers, so they can reach you.

    What time can you arrive at field day?

    What time do you need to leave field day?

    Can you assist with preparation of water balloons and bubble solution the day before or morning of field day?