FAIL! Inspiring resilience @ MIT

Friday 10/18/19, 6pm - 8pm, MIT Campus, Room 10-250

FAIL! is an event aimed at embracing the deeper meaning of failures and learning how to make the most of them. Through the stories of personal and professional life shared by renowned speakers, you will be challenged to look at failures differently, learning how to accept, understand, and conquer them, rather than giving up or ignore the lessons they can provide us with.

Come and join the next edition of FAIL! at MIT, featuring exceptional individuals sharing their personal and professional failures:

-Eva Wolfangel, journalist and Knight Science Fellow

-Ramesh Raskar, Professor and head of the Camera Culture Lab, MIT,

-Rodney Mullen, professional skateboarder, entrepreneur, and inventor,

-Ronald Kessler, Professor of Health Care Policy at Harvard Medical School,

-Sara Saeger, Professor of Physics and Planetary Science at MIT,

-Yang Shao-Horn, Professor of Material Science and Engineering at MIT

Additionally, John Werner, curator of TEDxBeaconStreet will be our special guest. The event will be hosted by Raymond Coderre, director of People Development at Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. The conference will be followed by a reception dinner, discussion tables and more!!

Come and be inspired!

FAIL! is a free event and it's open to anyone, not only the MIT community!

Posted by Dee T.  

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