Minni PaperShop – Abstract Sculptures (virtual)

Saturday 8/01, 11am - 11:45am, Online

Minni virtual workshops are designed to keep little ones ages 4–10 creating from the comfort of home. Each themed workshop focuses on skill development, simple repurposed materials and unique ways to engage with our environments.

In Minni PaperShop – Abstract Sculptures (virtual) students will fold, bend and loop paper to create abstract sculptures and imaginary structures. Instructor Maria will focus on foundational concepts of abstraction, composition and shape while students transform paper into 3D art.

Materials Needed

Construction paper or cardstock in a variety of colors and cut into 1–2” wide strips (we recommend having 5–10 strips ready to go)

8.5 x 11” thick paper or cardboard for the sculpture’s base

Liquid glue or glue stick

Q-Tip or paint brush if using liquid glue

Posted by Dee T.  

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