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Free kids' tickets for Sunday concert

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Beth Truesdale 17 months ago

Hello all,

A friend who is the Program Director for a Jewish cultural institution passed along this offer of free tickets for kids to a multicultural choir concert this Sunday. (Adults still have to pay for their tickets, but the ones for kids are free.) She says:

"We do a big concert every year with live music called Voices of Freedom. The concert features three choirs - Jewish, Muslim and Gospel - singing songs about freedom from their respective cultures. At the end, all three choirs join together to sing collaboratively. The concert is this Sunday, March 24 at 2pm at the Museum of African American History on Beacon Hill (completely MBTA accessible).

"I had a donor call up today, completely out of the blue, and offer to pay for 30 tickets for students. The concert is open to all, but probably most appropriate for 3rd graders and older. Go online here and use the code VOFCOMP to discount the tickets to $0."

Beth (mom of 3rd & 6th graders)

Miguelina Santiago 17 months ago
Hi Yana
Do you know how much the adult tickets will cost?

Thank you

Beth Truesdale 17 months ago

Hi Miguelina. It looks like adult tiks are $36. Sorry the booking link (https://vilnashul.org/events/event/voices-of-freedom-2019) didn't come through on my original post.