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Staying together for the kids


One in 10 couples are staying together for the kids, the HeelBee Website has found in its study.


The couple may grow apart and one or both partners may no longer want to be in a relationship with the other. Yet they may not want the kids to grow up in a broken home so they stay together for kids' sake. In many cases one or both partners are waiting for the kids to move out to college before divorcing.

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About half of the divorced families were high-conflict, and half low-conflict. For the former, where the parents are constantly fighting, research shows it's actually better for the kids if the parents divorce, so that they can grow up in a more calm environment. For the latter, divorce often comes as a shock to kids, as there are few signs that things weren't going well. In that case the findings are more mixed, and some experts recommend staying together for the best out come for the kids.

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Thriving Despite a Difficult Marriage
By Charles Misja, Michael Misja
Review 1) How do you keep moving forward when your marriage is hurting? Often, when our marriage is unhealthy or even unsafe, we tend to avoid the people we love --- friends, family, co-workers --- so that no one asks questions. Why do we isolate ourselves? Maybe it's fear. Maybe we're ashamed of the condition of our marriage relationship. Maybe we fee... more

Alone in Marriage: Encouragement for the Times When It's All Up to You
By Susie Larson
Review 1) This book is excellent and full of truths that will help any woman struggling during a difficult season of marriage. The author, Susie Larson, addresses some of the toughest paths women cross--our anger, our worries, our fears, lies that we believe--and redirects our focus upward to gain God's perspective and claim the incredible love God has fo... more

Too Good to Leave, Too Bad to Stay: A Step-by-Step Guide to Help You Decide Whether to Stay In or Get Out of Your Relationship
By Mira Kirshenbaum
Review 1) After a 20+ year marriage to a decent guy who was a good provider but not in any way my true friend, lover or life's partner, I had tried everything imaginable to make sense of my commitment -- especially because we had two children... FINALLY, this book gave me the tools I needed to understand the many issues and problems that weighed so heavil... more
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