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Poll Result: What do you think about Cambridge School Plan for Fall?

Worried about the remote learning.
Fine with school plan.
Other, please explain.
Worried about the 2-3rd grade lottery.

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Sharon Mombru 8 months ago

I have little confidence that the district has a robust remote learning plan, based on the experience last Spring and on the communications they have issued so far. Since remote learning was always a very likely option I'd expect to see more detail, more out of the box creativity and more communication. My concern is that students in the district might be at a disadvantage compared to students attending independent schools.

Anonymous 8 months ago

We are hybrid but elementary is fully in session. 7th grade Is two or three days a week in session and two days remote.

Rebecca Xiong 8 months ago

Oops, a parent said likely not a 2-3rd grade lottery, but need based:
"It should be somewhere in the fine print. In the taskforce meeting where Dr Salim suggested a lottery there was a lot of pushback again that and it wasn’t mentioned again."

In any case, doesn't seem like it would be a big worry for ppl anyway. :)

Piotr 8 months ago

This plan was as good as one could come up with, given the circumstances. My bigger concern is how little thought or work has gone into creating an effective remote learning experience for this fall....

Kirstin Beal 8 months ago

The remote “learning” my child received in the spring was a disappointment. And that’s an understatement. I don’t mind remote learning if it’s not “here are your assignments for the week”. That’s not an education. And that’s how it was in the spring. My child had NO classes. Not one teacher held an online class.
I want to be assured that our children who are remote only will actually be TAUGHT. That there will be classes. That there will be engagement.

Lynn Li 8 months ago

I think no plan is perfect and there will always be people who will inevitably be disappointed. But knowing that we had a task force with epidemiologists, physicians, teachers gives me a lot of comfort. I trust these neighbors who also happen to be parents in CPS and experts tried their best to come up with the best plan possible given the current situation.

Anonymous 8 months ago

So many parents will opt to keep their kids home (like we and many families we know are) that I can’t imagine parents who want to send 2nd or 3rd graders will have a problem. Many places are all remote, no options for in-person, so this seems like a decent balance to me.